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A Comprehensive Guide To Diffuser Types: Best Diffusers Of 2021

Do you know how many diffusers are there, their purposes, and how they can be used? If not, visit this comprehensive guide about different types of diffusers to learn about them.

A diffuser is a tool that divides scent oils into smaller parts and spreads them into the air to give pleasing and soothing effects. But the spreading scent smells will depend on the oil type that you will put into your diffuser. Different essential oils have other fragrances, such as lavender, which will tend to cause sleep.

However, finding suitable diffusers from many is not an easy task for the new diffuser users. But it is also most important to see what type of environment you will support using your diffuser before spending your money. All diffusers have different intentions. Each one has a specific purpose and is used in different ways. Focusing on all these, we prepare this guide to let you learn about different types of diffusers, their work, and their uses. 

But before we go to different types of diffusers we would like you to look at what an essential and Scent oil is we are talking about. Both these oils are the foundation of the diffuser and generally related to aromatherapy for thousands of years. Lavender, lemon, red gum, tea tree, eucalyptus, gum olibanum, sweet orange, and lemongrass are the most general essential and Scent oils used in an aromatherapy diffuser.

Now here comes the different types of diffusers. 

13 Best Types of Diffusers 2021

1- Reed Diffusers

Reed Diffusers

Reed diffusers will be put into a scent or essential oil bottle with wooden sticks or reeds. The oil will push the reed into the bottom, and perfume will spread into the air when it hits the top. Reed diffusers will not create steam or smog that mostly diffusers do. You don’t need to use heat, electricity, or water. Such functionality requires minimal maintenance, and it always works. However, you will have to use different reeds to replace the perfumes or bottles regarding the care. And if you are using the same bottle for other perfume oils, you must clean it using a slight disk cleaner and hot water. 

One of the plus points of reed diffusers is that you can use them in any room. But they are ideal for a small apartment as there is no agent to spread the Scent into the air. You will not see any fog spread into the air or a fan to defeat the Scent, and it may be more out of the way. 

2- Nebulizer Diffusers – One of the best types of diffusers

Nebulizer Diffusers

If someone is looking to reap his lungs with the natural essential oil benefits, then NebulizerNebulizer is the final choice. This diffuser will perform while cutting down the oil into different molecules. These molecules will easily absorb and spread into the surrounding of a room. The pump will track the molecule breakdown speed and the exposed areas of diffused perfume.  

But cleaning some nebulizer tools is not very easy and fast. As much as there is a little section, more cleaning care would be there. The users have to clean the section daily. The scent oils can gather and block the pump and bottle, automatically affecting the diffuser’s performance. Satin Scent is offering an entire home perfuming Nebulizer diffuser. You can connect it to your HVAC system and spread the Scent in all rooms. Our NebulizerNebulizer is simple to use and handle as compared to others. 

3- Water Diffusers

Water Diffusers

This version of diffusers is from the most popular and common diffuser types. It is also more affordable as compared to others. The water diffuser includes a basin to fill with water and desired oils. Its ultrasonic breakers will diffuse water and oil into the surrounding at a fast-spreading rate. Based on its size, this diffuser is from the best ones for big apartments. It will create a fog and is good to use as a humidifier. For such aromatherapy diffuser types, little devices will have shorter periods, and larger ones work longer.

Mostly have timers to support you to perform it from 1-8 hours. While some have choices to work it nonstop. Hence, it is a good one to run all night while sleeping. As there is no water or perfume, it directly turns off functionality at an empty basin. There is an oil buildup functionality to add different oils to it. This buildup will create a motion in the basin water. Mostly it will cover the sensor to support the device work and diffuse the solution. It would be best if you kept its basics clean for its proper functioning. Typically, you should clean it while at every oil shifting. E.g., if you are essentially using lavender but then want lemon, the basin should be clean from the inside. 

4- Fan-Style Diffusers

Fan-Style Diffusers

Fan-Style Diffusers are also from those that did not use water. It does not matter whether you are putting oil in the fan diffuser section, on a spongy pad, or in a dish of some type. The fan will softly work in oils and spread perfume in the air. You can see this diffuser in different sizes and use it for different room sizes. Its durability will depend on the brand.

Moreover, the total oil placed in a tray or pad will also matter a lot. Usually, when it starts to spread the perfume, you should add more oil to it. In cleaning concern, you can wash pads before reusing if you are using reusable pads. A slight dish cleanser, warm water, and cloth are good to wipe out the tray.

5- Electric Heat Diffusers

Electric Heat Diffusers

With a minor hollow in the middle Electric, Heat Diffusers appear the same as a teacupsaucer. This hollow is for oil placement. The device will warm up using voltage. It will heat the oil and feasts the perfume in the room. The covering distance of smell will depend on the room and device size. However, it will last as long as it consumes to dissolve fully. And if the perfume scatters, you should add more oil to the basin. 

In addition, Electric Heat Diffuser is extremely simple to clean and reuse its basin and leftovers. You can clean it using a cloth, warm water, and a gentle cleanser. You must clean it up at each oil changing.

6- Candle Diffusers – From the best types of diffusers

Candle Diffusers

A candle diffuser is the same as an electric diffuser. However, it is different in use. It uses a candle as a heat source. The candle flame will warm up the oil and spread the perfume in the surrounding area. You will see this diffuser has different styles and sizes. You can pick one according to your desired style and requirements. As this diffuser will not use any electricity, you must change the candle after finishing the burning process. After using a fragrance-free candle to avoid the differing perfumes, such a candle uses diffusers that will last as long as the candle is there to burn. That’s why you should monitor the candle and change it when required for effective maintenance. Moreover, the lasting time will also depend on the total oil in the basin. 

In regards to its cleaning, you should wipe out the oil diffuser after each oil change. Use warm water and a cloth to get rid of any leftovers in the basin slightly. However, if someone uses a traditional candle to perfume the surrounding, he should use a diffuser.

7- Terracotta Diffusers

Terracotta Diffusers

Terracotta Diffusers are attractive mud bottles or pots. They are generally locked with a lid to keep the oil inside. When the oil starts to infuse the clay, the perfume will scatter and spread in the surrounding area. Though its perfume spreading process is natural, the odor will be powerful at the start as soon as you put oil into the pot but will vanish over time. This diffuser is not very easy to clean because the oil will soak in the pot. At this point, you may need to use different diffusers for different perfumes. But if you want to use the same, you have to clean it carefully after changing each oil. 

In the beginning, you should scrub the clay using a dish cleanser with a toothbrush. After it, you should use a slight vinegar and then rewash the clay. Once you clean it in flowing water for some time, try to soak it in clean water for a night. Finally, it will take a few days to dry. You should ensure its deep drying before the following uses. 

8- Ceramic Diffuser

Ceramic Diffuser

A ceramic diffuser enables oil evaporation and dispersion in the air. One or two drops of essential oil might be placed on the ceramic or terra cotta diffuser. In the small area for personal use, these diffusers are best, but possibly can’t be suitable for the outdoor or large areas.

9- Ultrasonic Diffuser

Ultrasonic Diffuser

Ultrasonic diffusers use electronic frequencies to create vibrations in the water, making an excellent mist of water and necessary oils released in the water. As it uses water, a few people use it in the winter to help humidify dry air.

Several ultrasonic diffusers automatically turn off to control the essential oil amount released into the air. They tend to be low-cost diffusers as compared to the NebulizerNebulizer and many more.

10- Lamp Warmer Diffuser

Lamp Warmer Diffuser

This diffuser comes in glass and ceramics material. It is extremely simple to use and enjoy the scented environment. You have to pour 2/3 of the water in the higher vessel and then drip into the 1-4 drop scent oil. After it, connect the voltage and turn on the lights. Lamp Warmer Diffuser is highly secure without any risk of any open flame. You can also use it as a lighting source. Hence, it is a 2-in-1 diffuser.

But you should keep it under care, as its light bulb can be easily broken down. The working time of the diffuser will depend on its selected size. It has a greater lamp body temperature. You can clean it using warm water. Its high-temperature state will not allow you to add water to its basin instantly. One of its risks is that the high temperature can change the molecule structure and remedial result of perfume oil. 

11- Passive Diffusers

Passive Diffusers

The passive diffuser is the simplest. It doesn’t mean to diffuse essential oils but does naturally. A dry clay, tissue, cotton ball, and a porous piece of stone consisting of a gemstone bracelet are the items that were not made essentially to diffuse essential oils. However, if you put a drop of essential oils on them, it will be diffused into the air, similar to the evaporation of molecules from their surfaces. A Black Spruce essential oil drop is put on the facial tissue to wave in the room. As you will walk through, the entire space will be left smelling like a Spruce Forest. A few Lemon essential oil drops placed in the clay charms tray can give the bathroom a fresh scent for a few hours.

12- USB Diffusers

USB Diffusers

If someone wants to enjoy his working period while creating a relaxing environment, he should welcome a USB diffuser. You can plug it into your laptop or any other device to diffuse perfume in your surroundings. It occasionally throws a little shot of perfume oil fog, same as you can see perfume smell units in public cafeterias.

13- Novelty Diffusers

Novelty Diffusers

Novelty diffusers landed with an addition of different things like a pen having a cotton wick in it. It appears the same as an aromatherapy device, jewelry pieces having cotton wads combined into their structure, and many other things. Its Jewelry pieces are stainless steel. 


From the above discussion, you can see there are different types of diffusers to choose from. You can select them according to your needs and uses. Last but not least, before your final selection, you should focus on the room size and type, diffuser working time, power source, and material. For example, if you are looking to cover the entire home, you can get different units to install and perform your HVAC system to feast the perfume oil in all rooms. And if you want to scent a single room, you can use a small unit. To smell your desk at work, a reed diffuser is the best choice. 

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