After-shave Wax Melts

After-shave Wax Melts

We are a home of After Shave and melted soy wax with luxurious high-end aftershave perfumes. Our after-shave wax melts are 100% eco-soy wax and come in small batches. We are delivering our products with the legal label of CLP and according to their instructions. Our handmade soy wax melt snap bars are made using only the finest soy wax and perfume oils to throw off the perfect scent. Putting hands, packing, and shaving in small batches, our snap bars gave hours of amazing scent. Beautifully packed and finished with a satin bow, they are the perfect gift. We are sure you will love them as much as we do.

After-shave Wax Melts-Wax melting protection

We recommend 1 / 2- 1 piece depending on the burner’s size and the depth of its aroma.

Note: Never leave a burning candle. Keep away from the kid’s reach.

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