Are Wax Melts Safe?

Are wax melts safe?

One of the safest types of wax melts is 100% natural soy wax melts that are dye-free and clean burning. Traditional candles that use paraffin wax can emit harmful chemicals. Soy wax is natural and not harmful to you or the environment.

Likewise, people ask, are wax melts safe to breathe?

So when the wax melts, the chemicals release into the air. Some candles, especially paraffin candles, contain things like alkanes and toluene. When breathed, these things can cause lung damage, asthma and even increase your risk of getting cancer (though this only happens in extreme cases).

Also, Know, are wax melts safer than candles? Also, it’s so much safer than burning candles. But this is why people can use the wax melts and not have issues, allergies. Because only the scent disappears, not the wax, meaning nothing is entering the air you breathe, chemicals, rather than using candles. Wax melts, including Scentsy, are fine.

Also, the question is, are scented wax melts toxic?

Paraffin wax is the largest and most common hazardous ingredient in wax cubes. “Scentsy warmers only warm the scent out of the wax. The wax remains in the warmer. Thus there is no danger of chemicals omission into the home.” That sounds practically non-toxic!

Are our wax warmers safe?

Although fire danger from an open flame is eliminated, you have a good reason not to leave a candle warmer unattended or burning for extended amounts of time. These include overheating, electrical wire damage, the trip hazard from the chord, electrocution from water spills, and smoke from a candle too near the heating.

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