Bath Bombs Natural

Bath Bombs Natural

If you need your bath bombs to look as fabulous as they can smell them, you’ll adore Bothrium’s all regular bath bombs. These lovely little bath bombs arrive in an assortment of designs and aromas – each topped with light decoration. Our top choices are the Coco Creamer, J’adore Matcha, Mama’s Perch, and Snooze Bomb. The genuine advantages of our bath bombs come from the skin-softening Shea butter, and plant-based fragrance-based treatment oils added.

Some bath bombs may contain dyes or herbs to enhance the experience, but they are all believed to be related to Mother Nature. Discover the range of our natural bath bombs completed from natural, organic, vegetarian, non-abrasive elements and complete pure essential oils. Our ecological, natural bath bombs smell pleasant and are suitable for your skin and our planet.

Buy natural bath bombs, natural bath teas, and even natural shower steamer cubes that release powerful natural essential oils to increase your daily shower. These are also provided in plastic-free, eco-friendly packaging, so no wastage exacerbates the plastic pollution crisis. Baths have been enjoyed for thousands of years, but here you can improve your natural, vegetarian, eco-friendly way.

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