Dior Sauvage Wax Melts

Dior Sauvage Wax Melts

The Satin scent Dior Sauvage Wax Melts is 100% eco soy wax. It is Inspired by a modern, fresh, sharp scent designer brand. It is a mixture of beautiful bergamot, citrus, and woody notes. Our Dior Sauvage wax melts is a new, warm, and vibrant scent to make your home pleasant. Its fragrance is like an excellent quality face ointment. The smell features radiant notes of Reggio di Calabria Bergamot spreading with juicy freshness. Ambroxon, resultant of valuable ambergris, releases a robust woody trail. Items may be slightly different in color and pattern as they are handmade. But the wonderful fragrance will always be the same. We have melted the maximum quantity of perfume oil in our wax for the best aroma throw.

Each pack has one soy wax snap bar, which weighs almost 50 grams. Our eco soy wax dissolves are non-poisonous, consume clean, and full of high level of premium scented oils. So, they provide very strong, and long periods of aroma. The whole of our items is CLP compliant. Our melted wax is all made using the finest components and soy wax, mixed perfectly for a beautiful, lasting scent. We suggested breaking the wax into small pieces, adding some amount to your burner, and complimenting the beautiful fragrance that fills the room!

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