FAQ Wax Melts

FAQ Wax Melts

What is called wax melts?

Wax melt is a wickless, molten, and aromatic wax that can be intense in hot wax. There is no flame. Fragrances in molten form carry more weight than candles, and it’s easier to change the scent of a home perfume!

How long can you use them after the wax has melted?

Your wax melt should now be set. Permit a good few hours for them to set & completely harden. Our suggestion is to keep your melt wax in a cool, dark place. 2 weeks to ‘cure.’

How will you know when the wax melting is over?

You can remain to melt our soy wax melting mixture indeterminately. Though, after some time, you will see that they will start losing their punch. After burning for several hours as the scent evaporates nonstop, you will finally begin to notice a drop in the scent.

What do you do with melting wax after use?

Don’t leave your wax under the sink or drain! After disposing of your wax, simply rinse your tray and fill it with new, fresh melting wax and enjoy!

Can you melt the wax in the fridge to set?

Keep your candle in the fridge:

While you may be anxious to light your candle completely, placing your candle in the freezer will speed up the cooling procedure. But it can “hurt” your candle in several different ways.

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