Perfume Wax Melts Ireland

Perfume Wax Melts Ireland

If you want to scent your room, you always look for a strong fragrance that will remain around you for a while. We use different scent oils in wax. You can use these oils in your wax recipe to keep your room smelly for a long time when you choose heavier scent oil. If you prefer heavier fragrance oil in your wax melt, it will keep your room or a house more fragrant. Moreover, fragrance oil has a different smell in a bottle, and a distinct smell in finished wax melts as it melts with wax. We use different oils to give you unique Perfume Wax Melts Ireland smells;

  • Neroli – It is a sweet, honey, and floral perfume smell. It is too popular and perform its role as a base in the manufacturing of cosmetics and perfumes. This smell can reduce your anxiety, stress, and depression.
  • Bergamot – It is fantastic sweet light orange and a little floral in a fragrance. It will helps to reduce stress, elevate our mood, and mild pain.
  • Frankincense – It is a mixture of essential oil and is being added as an essential component to the blend. This fragrance plays an important role to produce relaxation.

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