A reed diffuser is an incredible option in contrast to lighting a candle and can refresh your home with a bit of effort on your part. Reed diffusers are a well-known and pragmatic method to add consistent aroma to any room without the utilization of warmth or fire. Besides, reed diffusers use a simple wick system: perfume oil spreads the scent into the air through reeds or sticks.

Our reed diffusers are an essential combination of base solution and aroma oil filled in a glass bottle. Usually, rattan reeds are put into the blend to draw the solution up. The solution at that point disappears into the air leaving the fragrance particles for you to smell.

The more reeds you add to the blend, the stronger the fragrance. Rather than that the reed diffuser will fragrance an exceptionally colossal room. However, if you appreciate a solid aroma, start with 1-2 more reeds and get more fragrance than expectations. Remember that a diffuser with loads of reeds won’t keep going up to a diffuser with fewer reeds.

Our base is produced using a proprietary mixture of silicones and organic mixtures to help discharge the aroma into the air. It doesn’t contain any liquor or DPG, which dissolves a lot quicker and can clog the reeds.