Wax Melt Glitter

Wax Melt Glitter

The different colors of our giant Mica powder and glitters give you unlimited perfume possibilities. Through the magic powder, the color and the shimmer gave off depends on your volume. The more power is equal to more colors’ brightness. Mica is made of silicate minerals that contain the earth shell. It is the product of the earth’s minerals. It means that the Mica powder is a natural and harmless product.

The combination of microscopic reflection particles that come in large kinds of shapes, colors, and sizes. The gleam particle reflects the mirror light at different angles and creates a shiny surface. The use of this product is best in wax melt. When using candles, it can stop the wick. The satin scent is nice in heart and square design. It is perfect for making for weddings, confessions, candlelight dinners on Valentine’s Day. It allows seeing the wax dyed of your colors.

The satin scent wax melt can bear 135 degrees temperature. You can use the Scent candle for the color tea light because it is suitable. It is perfect for homemade DIY projects, candle making, color tealights, and perfumed candle. The satin scent is an ideal choice for containers and tealight candles. It supports the fragrance loading. It burns cleaner and slower than paraffin. The satin scent is an alternative to paraffin wax made with renewable resources.

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