Wax Melt Moulds

This mould is ideal for making a block of adoring wax hearts that can easily be broken down in to 6 individual melts. Please note, the mould does not come with wax.

            Suggestions for making your Heart Clam Shells

Melt the wax and allow it to cool to 55°C before pouring it carefully into the moulds (pouring it into the moulds at a higher temperature, could cause the melts to become damaged and leak) – always use a flat surface which is resistant to heat (most counter surfaces in kitchens are)

  1. For single color hearts, simply pour your wax into the mould up to the max level
  2. If you want to combine colors, initially pour a small amount of the wax you want to be on the top surface of the heart into the cavity and allow it to set slightly – then add additional colors as required (we suggest no more than three colors per heart)
  3. Allow the wax to cool down so it is clear to see it is solidifying before closing the lid and leave to cure until hardened
wax melt moulds