WAX Melts Baby Powder

WAX Melts Baby Powder

If you like more fresh or clean fragrances like linen or cotton, you may love the Satin Scent wax that melts the baby powder. It is considered a unique alternative to linen. Don’t let anyone fool you. They are saying this just has the same smell as baby powder has.

Wax melts Baby powder is a complete blend of ylang-ylang, white cedar, cypress, and musk. It has a cool effect on our room while spraying. This is a floral fragrance and a classic powder material. You will enjoy the smell of our baby powder. It also reminds us of the scent of simpler times. You can have baby powder wax melts in a light blue and pink color. Unique melts with baby powder will melt at low temperature and releases more scent than any other brand.

Our Baby Powder is Highly Scented Soy Wax Melt. You will get your highly perfume, long-lasting Baby Powder Wax Melt with the sentimental perfume of precious memories and new beginnings. You will receive a comforting, fresh scent that softly cleanses the soul and gives it a soft superiority of innocence.

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