Wax Melts Dublin

wax melts Dublin

Satin Scent is a small Wax Melts Dublin-based corporate focusing on high-quality luxury fragrances. Their all products are made to fragrance your home, offices, and others. We work according to your requirements. We deliver natural soy wax, non-toxic candles, the highest mixture of perfumes, wax melts, diffusers, and room sprays.

Satin Scent’s products are also unique and perfect for gifts and stunning treats for you. We are also experts in the best gift boxes for any occasion. We manufacture our all products in Dublin, Ireland, using only high-quality ingredients. Our heart-shaped wax melts will spread some sensualism and pleasure all over your home. Using Ceylon cinnamon and vanilla delicate scent, some of our wax melts are designed with soy wax and vegan cores.

They are pure wax melts free from the wick. So, if you want to indulge your home with a gorgeous scent as well as benefit from the benefits of aromatherapy assistance, our product is specially for you. Moreover, using our Boudoir wax melts you can also feel unique, beautiful, and empowered by taking the Scent of the studio at home. You have to order your desired wax melts on our website. We will be at your door within a few hours with your exact order. 

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