Wax Melts Molds

Wax Melts Molds

Mould is the most important block of adoring wax hearts. You can easily convert it into six individual melts. The important thing is that you should know that mold is not too necessary to come with wax.

Wax Melts Molds: How to make your Heart Clam Shells?   

The first important thing is melting the wax and then waiting for it to cool up to 55oc. After cooling it into a mold (if we pour wax at a high temperature without cooling, it can cause leakage and damage), it is essential to use a flat surface because a flat surface is resistant to heat.

If there is just a single color, then pour your wax into a mould up to the maximum level. But if some colors are there, then pour a minimal amount of wax into a mould. After that, wait for it to slightly set. Now, add colors as required (our suggestion is not more than three colors should be added to it). Afterward, allow the wax to solidify and cool down before turning off the lid. Leave the wax melts molds to harden before closing the lid.

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