Wax Melts Vs. Candles

Wax Melts Vs. Candles

There are too many factors that affect the average burning time of wax and the candle’s average burning time. The amount of scent oil, type of wax, size of the candle, and melting wax all affect the burn time. Melting wax is more firmly fragrant than traditional candles used. Traditional candles absorb heat slowly and release fragrance without burning the oil. This thing allows the wax to release its fragrance without evaporating so quickly.

The opposite thing happens when you burn candles. The heat of the burner keeps the wax melts at a high temperature. It became the reason for the faster release of scent in the air. There are more important reasons why melting wax is cheaper than a candle. It takes more burn time, less wastage, and more scent oil. While wax melts, you get 5x the burn time per ounce you can not do with an ordinary candle. Some candles emit pollutants and harmful chemicals.

They are harmful to our health. Some candles may emit dangerous materials, toluene and benzene, that can damage our brain, nervous system, and lungs. Paraffin is the most dangerous material released from candles. Same this material is used in the petroleum industry and causes different health diseases.

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