Why Wax Melts Are Better Than Candles

Why Wax Melts Are Better Than Candles

It’s not as if wax melts and candles are actually the same things. Candles are just a big container of wax. Wax melts are containers of wax, plus water and other stuff. In fact, wax melts are a lot more complicated. However, the latter form of luxury is also less dangerous.

Wax melts are made up of beeswax and coconut oil, both of which are good for your skin! They are easily absorbed into the skin and keep your skin soft and smooth. Plus, they are great for your hair! 

Wax melts are also a great way to keep your skin hydrated and moisturize and nourish your skin. They’re all-natural, and their low viscosity also allows them to be easily applied. On top of that, they’re gentle. They contain essential oils, which have many benefits, including reducing wrinkles, moisturizing, and calming the skin.

How Are Wax Melts Safer Than Candles?

Candles are made of flammable waxes (e.g. beeswax or paraffin). A candle flame is a small explosion that can burn your skin, and is not good for your health. 

Wax melts, on the other hand, are made of non-flammable waxes (e.g., beeswax) so that they are safer and the flame is smaller. Wax melts also burn steadily, without flare-ups or smoke. Therefore, you can clearly determine that wax melts are safer than candles

As compared to candles, wax melts are also cheaper to buy, safer to use, and more environmentally friendly. Wax melts also burn much brighter than candles. 

Because they’re made from naturally occurring materials, wax melts are also healthier for you. They don’t contain the harmful chemicals found in paraffin wax, which can cause health problems if inhaled or ingested.

But when it comes to candles, know that they are made up of many different ingredients. They’re generally made from petroleum and are made in factories where there are a lot of potential health problems. Wax melts are all-natural, and they can be made from a mixture of natural ingredients, such as beeswax and coconut oil. Wax melts are made from simple ingredients, so they don’t pose any health concerns.

What Is The Purpose Of Wax Melts in Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy wax melts are a great way to promote relaxation, relieve stress, and increase focus during busy days. They melt inside the palm of your hand so you can take them anywhere to melt on your clothes or any other surface to promote relaxation. 

All wax melts are safe for children, pets, and the environment. Such wax melts can also be a great way to incorporate essential oils into spa experiences. They are easy to purchase and are affordable and safe for children, even for those who suffer from allergies.  The wax melts can be used to treat sore muscles, arthritis, and stress and help relieve colds and headaches. 

Since aromatherapy wax melts are made from essential oils, they are a good option for people who suffer from eczema, as they use the oils in the wax to help dry out the skin, and in turn, reduce the itchiness and discomfort of eczema.  

They can be used for other skin conditions such as psoriasis, as the wax melts will help to seal the skin pores and bring new growth of skin cells. 

The only disadvantage of aromatherapy wax melts is that they can be expensive, so make sure you get the most out of your money.  Make sure you buy from a reputable source as well, in order to get quality wax melts at an affordable price.

What Essential Oils Are Good To Add In A Wax Melt?

Essential oils can be added to a wax melt to help make a stronger product, and if used at a low percentage in the wax mix, they can help the product to be more fragrant and longer-lasting. 

The oils which are best to add will depend on the ingredients used in the waxes, but you can try to add a more citrusy or fruity note to the product.

On the other hand, Lavender oil is antifungal, while Frankincense is antiseptic. These two oils are also astringent, which means they tighten and dry the skin and soothe it.

The most commonly used essential oils in wax melts include bergamot, clary sage, cedarwood, chamomile, eucalyptus, frankincense, grapefruit, jasmine, lemon, orange, patchouli, peppermint, rosewood, tea tree, and ylang-ylang. 

There are many, many other variations and different types of essential oils available in the market! Do make sure to get one that goes with your house ambience and mood best. 

Are There Wax Melts Available For Home Usage?

Yes, most certainly!  The most common types of wax melt used for home usage are glycerin melts and paraffin melts. 

Glycerin melts, a popular form of wax melting, are an excellent option for many people when cooking for kids or for people on special diets. Glycerin melts are also a good alternative to table-top stoves because they are safer than using the formerly mentioned alternative. 

On top of that, such type of wax melts is also easy to keep clean, as there are no burners, knobs, or other hot surfaces to clean. 

Wax Melts Are The Perfect Gifts For Christmas!

Wax melts are a common gift for the holidays. They are great for a variety of events, including as a hostess gift for a holiday party, a birthday gift, a seasonal gift, or as a gift for a new employee to start their work life. 

You can create a variety of gift options with scented wax melts and candles. Choose the scents that are appropriate to the holidays and events being celebrated.

The scents you choose should reflect your style, personality, and your favorite foods. There is a wide range of scents for any event from simple floral scents to more complex fruity and spicy scents.

Going for a wax melt is a great present idea. They are inexpensive and are an easy way to add a festive touch to a family or party! 

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