Zoflora Wax Melts

Zoflora Wax Melts

The Satin Scent Zoflora is fast to give a lovely perfume smell. We provide the reckon of popping Zoflora inspired perfume into the Wax melt neat fragrance for its real intelligence. Our Zolfora wax melts will give a long-lasting fragrance. You can use Satin Scent Zoflora antiseptics on the floor, baths, tiles, taps, worktops, drains, dishcloths, toilets, and potties. It is safe for the use of hard surface pet areas.

Moreover, we use powerful scent oils for Wax Melts like coco mango fragrance oil, apple orchard fragrance oil, blueberry muffin fragrance oil, freshly brewed coffee fragrance oil, fresh linen fragrance oil, fruity rings fragrance oil, monkey farts fragrance oil, ocean mist fragrance oil, pomegranate fragrance oil, etc. All our perfume oils are already 100% intense. It means that our perfume oils are not diluted. We use full fragrance scents for wax melts.

Furthermore, our Zoflora soy wax does not contain anything artificial, making it the best alternative to old-fashioned paraffin wax designed from petroleum oil and creates harmful products at burning and melting. It is non-toxic and suitable for both health and the environment. It is the best solution to fragrance your home. Our wax melts are user-friendly and fast to melt to omit their elegant and attractive perfume within a few seconds.

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